Ice paints rhino street art in Coghlan

Ice has finished a new mural in Coghlan featuring a 3-D hyper-realistic rhino exploding out of the wall. He completed the artwork in just eight hours. Project organised by BA Street Art.

coghlan urban art district street art  ice buenosairestsreetart.comIce starting work marking the outline of the 3-D rhino

rhinoceros street art buenos aires argentina buenosairesstreetart.comAdding details to the background

rhino graffiti 3-D buenos aires argentina street art

More details on the legs of the rhino using aerosol

IMG_4481Adding more details on the body of the rhinoceros


Finishing touches


Cracks are appearing


Close-up of finished mural


Panoramic view at night just after the mural was finished


Break Out

rhino graffiti argentina ice buenos aires street art

Finished mural

graffiti rhinoceros argentina arte urbano buenos aires

New look

Project organised by BA Street Art. Thanks also to Sebastian and Romina.

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