New Gaza Israel conflict mural by Dame

Dame has completed a dramatic piece depicting an Israel air-strike on Gaza with children fleeing for their lives from a helicopter gunship as parents clutch their dead and dying loved ones in their arms. Argentine graffiti artist Dame said seeing shocking photos of  the dead and injured in Gaza from Israeli missile attacks was the inspiration for his latest artwork at Meeting of Styles in Buenos Aires.

israel gaza war helicopter buenos aires street art buenosairesstreetart.comRun for your lives – new mural by Dame at Meeting of Styles in Buenos Aires

gaza israel conflict graffiti buenos aires street art buenosairesstreet.comVictims of the Israel-Gaza conflict

israel war mural palestine street art buenosairesstreetart.comAir strikes

israel gaza conflict graffiti buenos aires street art buenosairesstreet.comHelicopter gunship

israel missile attack gaza buenos aires street art buenosairesstreetart.comDame at Meeting of Styles 2012

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