Alfredo Segatori paints crazy cows mural on silos in Córdoba, Argentina

Alfredo Segatori has been busy painting a series of giant cows on silos in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

Giant mural on silos featuring five cows (photo © Alfredo Segatori)

The Argentine street artist, nicknamed ‘Pelado’, finished painting the cool new mural last week. It features four cows plus one flying over the moon and is entitled “La vaca que se fue volando” or “The cow that flew away”.

Crazy cows with glasses, blowing bubble gum, headphones and a hat (photo © Alfredo Segatori)

The huge portraits of the cows measuring 3o metres wide x 40 metres high feature one wearing glasses, another blowing bubble gum, a third is wearing headphones, while a fourth has a hat on.

Silo art in San Francisco, Córdoba (photo © Alfredo Segatori)

The silos are located in San Francisco in Córdoba province about 200km to the east of Córdoba city. The project was sponsored by the local government of San Francisco and organised by their cultural department.

New street art by Alfredo Segatori in Córdoba province (photo © Alfredo Segatori)

The new mural was inaugurated by the local government of San Francisco on Friday (photo © Alfredo Segatori)

Photos © Alfredo Segatori & published with permission from the artist

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