Artists paint mural in Buenos Aires at Villa Fraga

Chris Herrera, Leti Bonetti and Nico Valerias have painted a new mural at Villa Fraga in Buenos Aires. Photos by Buenos Aires Street Art.

New mural in Chacarita neighbourhood (photo © BA Street Art)

The artwork that was completed recently has helped brighten up part of Villa Fraga in Chacarita, with residents commenting how much they like the mural. The theme in the artwork includes imagery relating to the ‘villa’, its history, identity and topics that local residents thought was important to them.

New mural in Villa Fraga (photo © BA Street Art)

The mural project was produced by Pogo Producciones and curated by artist El Marian and forms part of BA city government’s plans to redevelop the neighbourhood of Chacarita building new apartment blocks for the people living in Villa Fraga, while also constructing new roads and improving infrastructure and services.

The mural features a woman, wild cat & cartonero with cart (photo © BA Street Art)

Section of the mural painted by Nikos & Leti B (photo © BA Street Art)

New street art at Villa Fraga (photo © BA Street Art)

Nikos and Leti B have painted a portrait of an elderly woman and a wildcat respectively relating to wisdom and powerful animals.

Section of mural painted by Chris Herrera (photo © BA Street Art)


Section painted by Colombian artist Chris Herrera features a woman collecting materials for recycling, a goods train and railway line as well as plants and nature.

Mural is a result of consultation & participation with residents (photo © BA Street Art)


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