Buenos Aires tango legends Anibal Troilo & Tita Merello painted by Mario Abad

Peruvian artist Mario Abad has painted two giant murals in La Boca of Argentine tango legends Tita Merello and Aníbal Troilo.

New murals featuring actress & tango dancer Tita Merello plus musician and composer Anibal Troilo

New look

The two new murals painted by Mario Abad cover five storeys of a building in La Boca and were completed last week.

Merello with earrings and Troilo with bandoneon

New artworks featuring actress and tango dancer Tita Merello with earrings and Anibal ‘Pichuco’ Troilo playing the bandoneon. The artworks painted by Mario also include filetado-style decoration painted with neon spray paint.

Both portraits were painting using platforms lowered from the top of the building

As well as painting graffiti, Mario Abad is well-known for his realistic portraits using aerosol. He has painted various portraits of rap legends like Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur around San Telmo, as well as large-scale murals of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi around Buenos Aires.

Finished murals

All photos sent in by Mario Abad. Check out more of Mario’s artworks at https://www.instagram.com/causi.art/ and an interview that Buenos Aires Street Art did with him here

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