Maori mural by Niño de Cobre in Palermo

This mural featuring a Maori with his tongue sticking out was completed by Niño de Cobre earlier this month in Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

murales buenos aires palermo maori baires graffiti

Maori portrait by Niño de Cobre

Niño de Cobre is an Argentine street artist who specialises in painting realistic portraits.

maori new zealand tattoo face man street art buenos aires

Tribal markings

The face of the man is decorated with ‘ta moko’ or Maori tattoos that often contains ancestral tribal messages specific to the wearer.

palermo niño argentina murales buenos aires maori air new zealand

Air New Zealand

The mural forms part of an advert for Air New Zealand and has a theme relating to the country and airline.

air new zealand maori mural buenos aires street art

The mural can be found on the corner of El Salvador and Humboldt.

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