Martin Ron new mural ‘The Rise of the Canary’

Martin Ron finished a spectacular new mural in Caseros last week called ‘Rise of the Canary’ (‘el ascenso del canario’). It features a pair of giant hands and a portrait of street artist Sabotaje al Montaje from the Canary Islands who was painting the same building with Martin. Check out our photos of Martin painting.

Hands on – new mural by Martin Ron

arte urbano tres de febrero buenos aires martin ron

Nail painting

arte urbano buenos aires martin ron

Full stretch

embellecimiento urbano tres de febrero artista martin ron

Thumbs up

‘Rise of the Canary’

sabotaje al montaje canary island graffiti buenos aires street art

Portrait of Sabotaje al Montaje rising like Jesus from a pot of paint

buenos aires graffiti murales

Finished mural by Martin Ron

All photos © Buenos Aires Street Art

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