New Mataderos mural by Amor

graffiti buenos aires murales amor

Amor has painted a huge new mural in the historic neighbourhood of Mataderos in Buenos Aires that features a number of prominent landmarks, buildings and emblems of the district.

mataderos barrio buenos aires arte urbano buenosairesstreetart.comBarrio mural

The mural features the impressive market building (Mercado de Hacienda) with it tower, pink walls with the monument of El Gaucho Resero in front of it, the nearby abandoned factory with its tall chimney and a number of parks and squares around the ‘barrio’.graffiti buenos aires murales amor buenosairesstreetart.comView of the barrio

-Mataderos’ in English means ‘slaughterhouses’ and for more than a century the barrio has been synonymous with the slaughter of livestock and is now famous for its gaucho fair and artesan market on Sundays.

grafiti murales buenos aires arte urbanoFootball strip

Mataderos used to be called Nueva Chicago from which the local football club takes its name. Amor’s mural also features the famous shirt of the team in its green and black colours.

feria de mataderos gaucho fair buenos aires arte urbano

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