The Meeting new mural by Kase in La Plata

graffiti buenos aires kase emmanuel pellegrino

Kase has just completed a spectacular new triptych in La Plata called ‘The Meeting’ (El Encuentro) featuring the three sacred shapes accompanied by images of a musician, the Supreme Being and Nature..

kase artista buenos aires la plata buenosairesstreetart.comShaping the universe – new mural by Kase

Kase told BA Street Art a bit about his latest artwork and what has been a theme in some of his recent works. “The square, the triangle and the circle are what we are made of and explain who we are. The creation of an energetic being unifies the supreme creation.”

graffiti tour buenos aires la plata kase buenosairesstreetart.comLife forces – Supreme being and Musician

Kase explained the significance of the three images. “The Arts are represented by a musician and his connection between life and the mind,” he said. “These energies have always been present from other eras. In the middle of the three images is the supreme being created by colliding energies.”

graffiti buenos aires kase emmanuel pellegrino

Power of Nature

The third image depicts a stag and Kase explained: “Nature rules the physical world and plays an important part in the history of mankind. The power of change is in us.”

You can check out more artworks by Kase on his blog

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