Artists paint school in Moreno

A group of local street artists have been helping to redecorate a school in Moreno.

school buenos aires

Soloveo Paredes, Roms, Saer, Muke, Surd, Mie2, Meta, Mane, Rama, Astor, Animalito Land, Jakhem, Lu Barr, Gama, Ktrl V, Nos, Amar, Belu and Dis spent a day brightening up Escuela Superior No 19 de Moreno in the Province of Buenos Aires.

The group were invited to paint the walls of the buildings while Ktrl V and Ana Trylourdes were aiming higher than the rest with these paste-ups including a dog on a rooftop water tank.

Trunk call
Star Walls
Thanks to Soloveo Paredes for sharing the photos

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