Slinkachu’s tiny island paradise

Here’s an amazing new artwork by Slinkachu. These are the first images from his forthcoming exhibition entitled “Concrete Ocean”. This piece called “Last Resort” was created in Wandsworth,¬†South London, by the British artist who has become famous for his installations all over the city using minature trainset figures and graffiti on snails.

The Smalldives

I love the use of the tennis ball – very appropriate given that the Australian Open men’s final took place today.

Mini tennis
South London Pacific
Shellshock: Slinkachu’s earlier project City Snail

For more news about Slinkachu including his incredible graffiti on snails

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  • Asha Tanna

    Hi Matt,

    Love the photo of "smalldives"…something a bit creepy yet intriguing about it! I would never have guessed that was taken in Wandsworth.
    Going to blog about your book and primate graffiti today on my site let me know what you think!

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