Join us on a Buenos Aires Street Art Tour  and check out the biggest mural in neighbourhoods that aren’t in the tourist guide books. Our tours visit the Villa Urquiza and Coghlan Art District in the north-west part of the city where there are whole streets filled with murals and huge artworks covering entire buildings by international artists such as Blu, Fintan Magee and Martin Ron. Discover for yourself designs by more than 50 artists and the amazing stories behind their artworks. Regular tours are in English on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 3.15pm. (approx 2 hours 45 mins). Cost US$20 dollars. Places are limited. Quickest way to reserve your place/s is via the booking form. Detailed information about the meet up point and tour will then be sent to you immediately upon booking. Alternatively you can send us an email to buenos aires day tours graffiti Ron) We are experts on Buenos Aires street art and work closely with the city’s artists .We promote the local scene and also organize mural projects. Through our close relationships with the artists, our tours are always up to date with the newest and best murals.

Private Tours

Private tours in English or in Spanish can be arranged at any time subject to guide availability and we offer tours to different parts of the city using a chauffeur driven car or minibus for larger private groups. Contact us at buenos aires graffiti tour blu © BA Street Art buenosairesstreetart .com(Blu) See designs by Italian street artist Blu who made his incredible animated movie Muto on the streets of the Argentine capital.

BA Street Art Tours reviews on Tripadvisor

“I had a fantastic day walking the streets of BA. Our guide was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and an all round genuinely friendly. Having written a book on street art in BA you would be hard pressed to find anyone more in touch with what’s going on. We saw some of the best examples of street art I’ve seen in any city. I work with a lot of street artists in London and it was refreshing to come half way round the world and see such passion! If you choose any tour make sure it’s this one.” Sam Mills, London graffiti tour buenos aires street art, Oz, Maur, Cerok and Bater) “I recommend everybody visiting Bs As to consider this tour as it will be really a great experience. Moreover, if you’re lucky, you can have the chance to see an artist at work!” Lucia Esposto, Italy “If you have an interest in art of any kind then I can’t recommend this tour highly enough. It was fascinating and the guide’s enthusiasm and huge knowledge of his chosen subject made the tour one of the best experiences of our month-long trip.” Fiona and Trevor Wilson, Scotland “We saw a very different side of Buenos Aires that most tourists probably wouldn’t even think to see. I’d recommend it to everybody who is living here, or just passing through.” Andrew Gardiner, Australia “The Buenos Aires Street Tour is one of the best things I’ve done in the city. If you love art and love walking in the discovery of new places, go on this tour!” Kendall Watkins, USA Check out more reviews  in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German about Buenos Aires Street Art Tours on Tripadvisor buenos aires street art tour graffiti buenosairesstreetart.comJaz, Elicser and Other

Aerosol workshops

Buenos Aires Street Art with the help of local street artists also runs graffiti workshops. Learn how to use an aerosol during a two hour class with expert tuition from one of the city’s leading artists and create your own designs on the walls of the city. All proceeds go to the artists. Please send us an email to for more details.