A few weeks ago, local graffiti artist Lucas Perla painted new designs on the front of Bar 5033 in Palermo Soho.

buenos aires graffiti palermo soho kika nightclub bar 5033 argentina perla buenosairestreetart.com

Perla is a well-known in Buenos Aires as a graffiti writer and tattoo artist and for creating his own fun and colourful cartoon characters. He also painted with British street artist Sweet Toof when he was in the city a few months ago.

graffiti palermo buenos aires perla buenosairesstreetart.com

Characters painted by Perla along Honduras Street in Palermo Soho

grafiti buenos aires palermo soho lucas perla kika arte callejero buenosairesstreetart.com

Bar 5033 is located between Rosebar and Kika nightclub

monster graffiti skateboard skate palermo buenos aires graff bar 5033

Perla is also influenced by skate

rosebar nightclub palermo soho buenos aires street art graffiti bar 5033 perla graff buenosairesstreetart.com

New look

 Martin Ron, Jiant, and Tekaz, Bater and Heis (members of the THG crew) have finished painting a tunnel in Caseros, Buenos Aires Province with a jungle scene with animals and tropical plants. Photos by Miguel Babjaczuk
murales tres de febrero buenos aires caseros street art argentina

New murals painted by Bater, Heis, Jiant, Martin Ron and Tekaz

buenos aires graffiti artists painting bird jungle forest animals arte callejero argentina

Jiant painting

bird graffiti tekaz bater buenos aires street art graffiti caseros
toucan jungle graffiti buenos aires fotografo Miguel Babjaczuk tunnel street art
warrior mural graffiti train station buenos aires urban art photographer Miguel Babjaczuk

View of Nestor Kirchner Tunnel in Caseros

tunel caseros tres de febrero obras murales pajaro arte urbano buenos aires miguel babjaczuk fotografo

Artists Tekaz, Martin Ron, Heis and Jiant

 Project curated by Martin Ron and organized by Embellecimiento Urbano de Tres Febrero.