Escif mural mocks inflation in Argentina

Escif completed three impressive murals on his trip to Buenos Aires and BA Street Art has photos of them all. One piece appears to make fun of the hyper inflation in Argentina. It features three giant kilogram weights in denominations of 1, 10 and 100.

Escif’s commentary about sky-high inflation in Argentina

The Spanish street artist has written the phrase ‘Inflar el Peso de un Peso’ (‘Inflate the weight of the peso’). ‘Peso’ in Spanish means weight and is also the name of the Argentine currency with its highest denomination being the 100 peso bill.

Weighting game

Another mural by Escif is entitled ‘Buenos Aires’ (good airs) with five jars containing different smells from the Argentine capital.

The good aires of Buenos Aires

The aromas are a barbecue, the Riachuelo river, gas, plastic and chocolate but you won’t find many pleasant smells near the contaminated Riachuelo.

Smells like…

‘Escif also painted another great mural with Blu which we  published exclusive photos of a few weeks ago. It explains how to pick a lock with a credit card in five easy steps.

Escif picking locks with Blu

All photos © BA Street Art

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